Fully Vaccinated LA Natives Can Now Travel Without COVID-19 Testing

LA Natives who are vaccinated can now travel without Covid-19 testing.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health stated that the CDC travel guidelines for completely vaccinated Angelenos would apply in LA from April 05, 2021.


As per the US CDC’s flight regulations, those fully vaccinated individuals will not have to undergo a coronavirus test or put themselves in quarantine following domestic flights.


The County and CDC keep urging every person to not have nonessential travel when considerable COVID-19 hot spots exist across the nation and worldwide, said the director of the department Barbara Ferrer. Travel comes with more risk at all times, but there is a lower risk of the virus infection for completely vaccinated travelers. Therefore, those travelers would not have to do the test or put themselves in quarantine after arriving in the County.


Ferrer also said that the CDC guidelines are applicable to completely vaccinated individuals without coronavirus disease symptoms.


Anyhow, the virus-related tests will be necessary for everyone before they fly into the United States of America from a different nation. In some instances, a global destination possibly makes a test necessary for each traveler before their flight.


Are you yet to be fully vaccinated? If yes, then you would be told to undergo the test and get a negative result for the disease before travel, plus quarantine for a minimum of 7 days afterward.


You would be regarded as a fully vaccinated person if it has been two weeks since your last COVID-19 dosage. Those who get the vaccine from Moderna or Pfizer are deemed fully vaccinated 14 days after their booster/second dose. If you get Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, however, you would be deemed fully vaccinated 14 days after having the one-dosage shot.


The US CDC urges caution as the virus variants are found and are researched for their spreadability, response with the present vaccines, and severity.


As of April 05, 2021, the County has injected over 4 million coronavirus vaccine dosages, some of which are second doses.